Mining by its very nature can have a significant effect on the environment. Desert Enterprises is committed to ensuring that all of its operations have the minimum possible effect on the environment both during and after the completion of mining activities.

Desert Enterprises has an overriding commitment to performing all of its activities in accordance with international environmental standards. The company aims to continually improve its performance with regards to safeguarding the environment.

Desert Enterprises has conducted a number of investigations on the environmental effects of mining. These studies were conducted by

HSE Department. The investigations took place over a number of years and included the following:

  • The geological and topographical description of sites.
  • Analyses of air quality and polluting agents.
  • Noise analyses.
  • Comprehensive surveys and classification of wildlife and natural vegetation cover, and a study on the effects of mining on these.

Operational mines are controlled under strict, periodic environmental monitoring programs, which include underground water and air quality studies. As a testament to its commitment to the protection of the environment, Desert Enterprises factors in the results of such investigation into all of its operational phases, as well as into its business decision-making and planning.

Environmental policy

Desert Enterprises Company (“The Company ”) and its subsidiaries will be responsible environmental stewards and strive to minimize environmental effects and risks today and for future generations.

To meet our responsibilities, we will provide the necessary resources to:

  • Design, operate, close and reclaim our facilities to comply with Omani laws and regulations to meet accepted standards  and go beyond when they do not meet the company values;


  • Continuously improve our safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible use of resources, products and materials;
  • Promote employee and contractor knowledge capability and accountability in implementation of this policy through use of environmental management systems;
  • Conduct periodic environmental reviews and audits of operations and activities to ensure compliance, identify risks, reduce costs and liabilities, and improve sustainable operations ;
  • Endeavor to reduce energy and water consumption, implementing continuously improving efficiencies into facilities, projects  and operations; and,
  • Work cooperatively with educational institutions and agencies to research, develop, and use best technological and management practices to reduce environmental impacts.
  • Each company employee and contractor is responsible for incorporating this Policy into their daily planning and work activities to achieve this commitment.
  • The Company Board of Directors, through the Health, Safety, Environmental, and Technical Committee, will monitor performance of this Policy.


our culture of safety

The Company greatest resource is its people; their health and safety is our top priority. Without our dedicated and talented workforce, we would not be as successful as we are today. Management is responsible for ensuring a safe workplace by minimizing hazards and providing training and safe equipment. Each property has its own challenges and solutions, but all have the same goal: to send employees and contractors home to their families safe and sound – every day.


Desert Enterprises is committed to openness, transparency, and honesty in its dealings with shareholders, employees and partners. This is done through keeping them aware of its objectives, goals, and businesses.