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    Salalah / Sultanate Oman
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  • Desert Enterprises

    Trading & Contracting co.

    To lead Mineral sector in Oman to achieve contribution of 10 % to the country GDP.


Desert Enterprises is one of Oman’s leading diversified resources companies, committed to responsible mining and mineral development. We produce minerals essential to the quality of people life around the world such as steel grade Limestone, cement grade Limestone , high purity Gypsum , agricultural gypsum, Laterite , Kaolin clay and Attapulgite clay.

Headquartered in Salalah, Oman, we own, or have an interest in, 5 quarries in Oman. We also actively exploring for new industrial mineral’s in Oman and  Africa .

Desert Enterprises Company’s rich history of mining has distinguished it as a respected mineral producer. Desert Enterprises is not only one of the oldest Omani minerals producers, but also a successful rising family business. 

Company Milestones


Desert Enterprises Formed


Operating trucks fleet for Air-force base project in Thumrit – Oman .


Commissioning construction projects for Domestic Housing.


Start contracting for Government Sector building and maintenance projects and appointed as approved contractor for Ministry of Defenses projects.


Got first permit for gypsum quarry in Thumrit..


Start supplying orders of crushed gypsum for Local Cement Factories and Exporting to UAE Cement Factories and replaced imported gypsum for Cement industry.


Got first permit for Laterite quarry.


Start supplying orders of crushed Laterite for Local Cement Factories and Exporting to UAE Cement Factories.


Got limestone quarry permit.


Loading first ship of crashed  steel grade limestone to India through Salalah Port.


start supplying orders of crushed Laterite for Qatar Cement through Sohar Port.


Got Attapulgite clay quarry permit.

Code of Ethics

This Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Directors, Officers and Employees has been developed to provide guidance for all Directors and Employees (including Officers) of Desert Enterprises Company and its subsidiaries and affiliates. All Company personnel are expected to maintain high ethical standards of conduct and to comply fully with applicable laws and governmental regulations Inside Sultanate of Oman and where ever the company operates . All Employees and Directors will receive or be provided with a copy of this Code and should read, understand and comply with this Code in all of the Company’s matters and operations.

This Code is in addition to other detailed policies that the Company may adopt from time to time. All Employees and Directors should read, understand and comply with any applicable detailed policies.




Corporate Governance

Employees and Directors owe the Company a duty to advance the Company's business interests when the opportunity to do so arises. As a result, Employees and Directors are prohibited from taking personal advantage of certain business opportunities in which the Company may be interested. This so-called "corporate opportunity doctrine" is complicated and it is not possible to clearly define all of the business opportunities which belong or could be of interest to the Company and what business opportunities may be taken advantage of personally by Employees or Directors. The most common types of situations falling within this corporate opportunity doctrine prohibit Employees and Directors from:


Desert Enterprises is committed to openness, transparency, and honesty in its dealings with shareholders, employees and partners. This is done through keeping them aware of its objectives, goals, and businesses.