Community may have many definitions. For Desert Enterprises, community can mean a village on or adjacent to a Desert Enterprises Quarry site, it may be the business communities of nearby cities or it could mean the Omani community in general.

Desert Enterprises will apply collaborative, purposeful and inclusive engagement activities with the communities in which we operate through consultation and communication activities.

As a matter of principle, Desert Enterprises will undertake and support activities that address the environmental and social impacts of our operations in the communities in which we operate.

Desert Enterprises is committed to working toward supporting sustainable development initiatives or implementing related operational activities to ensure we are contributing toward long-term benefits in the communities in which we operate without creating unsustainable dependencies.

Desert Enterprises is committed to excellence in its management of health, safety, and environment (HSE) risks. This dedication is integral to the way the company runs its business and reflects its accountability for the active management of and progress towards sustainable development.

Desert Enterprises HSE policy provides the foundation for the organization's overriding commitment to continually improving its performance and standards with regards to health, safety and environment. The Company's ultimate objective is to manage and carry out its operations while causing no harm to people or the environment.

The company maintains an HSE management system aligned with internationally recognized standards and leading industry practice. Desert Enterprises integrates HSE considerations into decision-making and business planning processes. It meets, without exception, and where appropriate, exceeds, the applicable HSE legal requirements, and national standards and international codes of practice for environmental aspects and impacts.

community engagement policy Desert Enterprises is committed to responsible mineral development for the benefit of our shareholders, while contributing meaningfully to the sustainable development of the communities in which we conduct business. This encompasses respecting the health and safety of our employees, protecting the environment, respecting local perspectives and developing partnerships to support the economic and social framework of our host communities. 

We believe that by engaging and being responsive  to community needs, the Company builds trust and relationships that sustain our social license to operate. Being involved and supporting local organizations fosters a mutually beneficial approach to issues affecting employees, the community and the Company. It’s our policy to treat others with respect and engage in open and honest communication.


In meeting this commitment we will directly provide necessary resources to:

  • Proactively participate with communities to our mutual benefit today and for future generations;
  • Implement ethical business practices;
  • Integrate protection of employee health and safety, environmental protection, and community  interests into our core business practices;
  • Identify and partner with local communities on mutually beneficial opportunities to enhance worker skills, education, employment opportunities, and to support  sustainable development initiatives;
  • Make meaningful contributions to the host communities in which we operate; and,
  • Communicate openly with our employees, contractors, communities and governments regarding our plans and programs.

Desert Enterprises is committed to openness, transparency, and honesty in its dealings with shareholders, employees and partners. This is done through keeping them aware of its objectives, goals, and businesses.